Jetta Corporation



Jetta Corporation has long been considered a leader in innovation and creativity.  Jetta was the first manufacturer to insulate its bathtubs, the first to offer upper body jets for the neck and shoulder areas, a two pump system and custom pump locations. Jetta was also the first company to successfully vacuum form a bathtub with an integral skirt. Jetta Corporation currently offers consumers over 30 whirlpool bath models in a variety of sizes, shapes and jet configurations.



Jetta Guarantees that the water temperature in our insulated whirlpool and soaking baths will stay within 2 degrees of its original temperature after 30 mins of use.  Our fully insulated whirlpool and soaker baths with low density foam insulation and passive warm air induction systems help keep you warmer, longer.

Two New Walk-In Tubs NOW Available!


Available in Soaker, Air, Whirlpool & Combo

Biltmore - 60" x 25-3/4"

Broadmoor - 52" x 29-3/4"